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best - (comparative and superlative of `very well') wiser or even more advantageous and hence recommended; "It might be greater to speak to him"; "the White Household imagined it best not to respond"

to carry out all you can to show a failure etcetera into a little something prosperous. She's upset at not getting into College but she'll just really need to make the best of it and look for a task. jou daarmee versoen, dit vir lief neem يَنْتَفِعُ عَلى أفْضَلِ وَجْه извличам максимална полза/ superar a situação vyrovnat se, využít das Beste daraus machen fileå det bedste ud af det αντιμετωπίζω μια αρνητική κατάσταση όσο πιο αποτελεσματικά μπορώ tomarse algo lo mejor posible, ver el lado bueno de algo enda kasuks pöörama ساختن با؛ تحمل کردن kääntää tilanne voitoksi accommoder de לְמָצוֹת אֶת הַמֵיטָב सफलता के लिए कोशिश करना izvući najveću korist kihasznál berbuat sebaik-baiknya gera eins gott út og hægt er rassegnarsi 逆境に善処する 최대한 활용하다 nenusiminti samierināties (ar kaut ko); izmantot pēc iespējas labāk menggunakan sesuatu dengan sebaik-baiknya er het beste van maken fileå det beste ut av noe starać się wybrnąć ودانول superar a situação a se împăca cu ideea не падать духом zmieriť sa s sprijazniti se iskorisiti maksimalno göra det bästa möjliga av det ทำในสิ่งที่ดีที่สุด elindekinden mümkün olduğunca yararlanmak; onlardan en iyi şekilde istifade etmek 竭盡所能化危機為轉機 не журитися مقدور بھر ، حتی المقدور còn nước còn tát 尽所能转败为胜,充分利用

Utilization Take note: In keeping with a conventional rule of grammar, improved, not best, really should be used in comparisons between two things: Which property of Congress has the higher attendance document?

comparative, comparative diploma - the comparative sort of an adjective or adverb; "`more rapidly' will be the comparative from the adjective `fast'"; "`fewer famous' may be the comparative diploma of the adjective `famed'"; "`additional definitely' is definitely the comparative on the adverb `certainly'"

But this is evidently absurd is evident from other arts and sciences; for with regard to musicians who Participate in about the flute together, the best flute is just not specified to him who's in the best spouse and children, for he will play under no circumstances the better for that, even so the best instrument should be supplied to him that's the best artist.

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Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches depending on how carefully a synonym’s feeling matches the sense you chose.

to a substantial extent or degree (usually made use of in combination): a sum nicely above the quantity arranged; a effectively-produced topic.

adj superl of good → beste(r, s) attr; (= most favourable) route, rate also → günstigste(r, s) attr; to generally be best → am besten/günstigsten sein; to become best of all → am allerbesten/allergünstigsten sein; which was the best issue about her/that could materialize → das war das Beste an ihr/, was geschehen konnte; that would be best or perhaps the best thing for everyone → das wäre für alle das Beste; the best point to complete is to attend, it’s best to wait → das Beste ist zu warten; may possibly the best man earn!

a compartment or enclosure about a ship's pumps to create them very easily available and safeguard them from currently being more info destroyed via the cargo.

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En el banquete de boda (wedding reception) lee los telegramas enviados por los que no han podido asistir, presenta los discursos que vayan a dar algunos invitados, da su propio discurso, casi siempre en clave de humor y sobre el novio, y propone un brindis por la pareja de recién casados (recently-weds).

— michael e. ruane, Washington Put up, "Rob Hiaasen, a ‘wonderful colleague and an actual craftsman,’ slain in Maryland shooting," 28 June 2018 Handford initially considered Waldo to be a bewildered wanderer although the character savored fast accomplishment and has appreciated ongoing reputation although best

… was among the worst universities in the city whose general public schooling might be referred to as struggling, at best.

make the best of to cope at the same time as feasible inside the unfavourable situations of (typically during the phrases make the best of a foul position, make the best of it)

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